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Irumesa is full of danger around every turn. Power-hungry nobles deposed the imperial council and now fight among themselves for power. Vicious beasts lurk in the dark corners of the world. Whispers of an insurrection threaten to unleash a brutal civil war across the known world, giving sinister cults a chance to implement their terrifying designs for the world.


In the middle there's you and your friends. Start your adventure in Edrivine, the crumbling capital of the world, and determine the fate of the world...


Welcome to Ethyrial: Echoes of Yore, a hardcore, old-school MMORPG for players not afraid of challenge, risk, and adventure. Band together with fellow players and brave the dangers of Irumesa, bring dark secrets to light, and experience a living MMO environment brought to life entirely by players!





  • Stats that truly matter: Build the character you desire using a robust character system, remembering that each choice and skill mastery is essential to avoiding paths to brutal defeat.
  • Teamwork is a must: Work closely with teammates to overcome the dangers of Irumesa. Delve into instanced dungeons, challenge mighty bosses, and solve mysteries of ancient ruins, hidden civilizations, and long-forgotten arcane strongholds - all while keeping each other alive.
  • Death is not an inconvenience: if a character falls, they drop their entire inventory and lose experience (a blow to the head can be quite daunting). If you're lucky, your friends will grab your loot for you. If not? Well, it's a harsh world, after all and there is lots to do besides picking up scraps.




  • Realms on the verge of war: Chart the peaceful heartland surrounding the capital all the way to the fractious territories at the frayed edges of the empire.
  • From the mountains to the seas: Journey across the world, from the fertile, temperate capital. Trek through blistering deserts filled with ruins of old, all the way to the mysterious, snow-covered peaks of forbidden mountains where the fate of the world will be decided.
  • Secrets are everywhere: Irumesa is filled with secrets. Explore its cities, forests, deserts, swamps, and more to come across hundreds of stories, people, and of course, iconic loot.




  • High risk gameplay: The bigger the challenge, the greater the spoils. High level crafting materials and blueprints can unlock quality gear or loot uniquely tied to each character.
  • Truly one-of-a-kind loot: These iconic items are limited in quantity. Once they're taken, the only way to get them is to trade, steal, or kill the player holding them.
  • Beware the bounty hunters: Killing is risky business in PVP. Each kill will put a bounty on a player’s head, attracting heat from guards, NPC bounty hunters, among other players looking to collect…




  • Extensive crafting: Ethyrial isn't just about spilling blood. Supply and support other players as a crafter by creating gear, consumables, and eventually, everything visually seen in the game can be made by hand.
  • Meaningful property: There is no instanced housing. Instead, stake claims to property in the overworld that only you can own.
  • Express individuality: Would you like a small cabin in the woods? A trading post in a busy spot? A vast guild fortress in a strategic location? Everything and anything is possible for hard working hands.
  • Guilds are great: Whether it's just you and a couple of friends or half of a hometown, Ethyrial will support guilds straight out of the box, including public server events, trading, and community ownership of land.




  • Continuous story: The choices made in the game will have consequences, explored in subsequent expansion packs. Make decisions wisely as they may come back to haunt you in an expansion or two.
  • Constantly evolving systems: The game's PVP, arenas, leaderboards, and more will be shaped by the community and their feedback among more yet to be announced modes.
  • More to come, stay tuned!

System requirements


Windows 7, 8, 10 (64-Bit)


Intel i5-6600K, or AMD Ryzen 5 3600, 3.5GHz




NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070, 8GB or AMD Radeon RX 590, 8GB


20 GB